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What's Happening At Maley Swim School

Splashes is our school mascot

Splashes is our school mascot

Check Out Our Calendar Below

See when we're closed and if there will be make-up lessons plus more.

Winter-Spring 2019

  • Session runs now thru April 20th
  • Classes meet once-per-week
  • Prorate in once the session has started!

Book Your Party Online

  • We're excited to announce that you can now book your party online!
  • We require 15 days advance notice to book online, otherwise you will still need to call us to reserve your party.

Sixteen-week Summer Session 2019 - $325

  • Session begins April 22nd and runs through August 17th
  • Classes meet once-per-week

Full Summer Session Schedule

Two-week Summer Swims - $165

Classes meet Monday thru Thursday for two weeks.

  • SS-1 April 22 - May 2
  • SS-2 May 6 - May 16
  • SS-3 May 20 - May 30
  • SS-4 June 3 - June 13
  • SS-5 June 17 - June 27
  • SS-6 July 8 - July 18
  • SS-7 July 22 - August 1
  • SS-8 August 4 - August 15

What's Happening At Maley Swim School

Look here general session dates, holiday schedules, 

makeup schedules and limited time promotions

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Our Theme Song

I've got a little wish

want to swim like a fish

want to leap like a froggie in the pool

Want to slip wanna slide

want to take a little dive

when I go to Maley Swim School

I want to swim like a whaley

I want to go to Maley!