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Facility Party Rental Agreement

  • Maley Swim School, Inc. shall be available for use by the public on a reservation basis subject to the conditions outlined below.
  • The purpose of these guidelines is to establish standard procedures for administering the policy and to insure fairness in the leasing of the facility.

The applicant granted the reservation agrees to read and abide by the following:

  1. General Party Rules: 
    1. User shall be permitted to use only the pool room and party room.
    2. User agrees to leave the premises in as good or better condition than existed prior to usage. 
    3. All decorations must be removed.
    4. No tape or tacks may be used on the walls, ceiling or glass.
    5. Nacho cheese, crepe paper, piñatas, and confetti are also banned.
    6. The use of high-powered water guns is prohibited while on the premises. 
  2. Party Timing 
    1. The party is one hour and fifteen minutes in the pool room, followed by forty-five minutes in the party       room.
    2. Arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the start time to set-up your party.
    3. Your party must end at the scheduled time to accommodate other parties and out of respect for staff assigned to your party. 
      1. Please ask your guests to arrive 5 minutes early for pick up.
      2. Clean up time is approximately 10 minutes after the reserved party time and the user shall vacate the        party room at the end of this time. 
  3. Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs: 
    1. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the premises or in the area surrounding the facility.
    2. Tobacco products are not allowed on the premises or in the area surrounding the facility.
    3. Drug use is not allowed on the premises or in the area surrounding the facility.
  4. Cancellation Policy: 
    1. We are sorry, but NO exceptions will be made, even in extenuating circumstances, including sudden       illness, injury, etc. 
      1. Fifty percent of the rental fee will be refunded if we are unable to fill the vacated reservation.
      2. Ninety percent of the rental fee will be refunded if we are able to fill the vacated reservation.
      3. Cancellations should be received as soon as possible to increase the possibility of filling vacated party        time slots.
    2. Maley Swim School, Inc., reserves the right to cancel this reservation due to unforeseen circumstances with a full refund. 
  5. Mandatory Swim Test: 
    1. Lifeguards will conduct a short swim test for each swimmer prior to pool entry.
    2. Lifejackets will be provided for anyone who does not pass the swim test.
    3. If the lifeguards determine that someone requires a lifejacket it must kept on until the pool portion of the party is over.
    4. A parent or legal guardian has the option to sign a waiver releasing Maley Swim School of any liability in       the event of an accident. 
  6. Swim Diapers / Potty Training:
    1. Both reusable and disposable swim diapers are required for all children not       completely potty trained.
    2. If you don’t have one, they are available for purchase at the front desk.
    3. Fecal contamination may close the pool and spoil parties for the remainder of the day. 
  7. Financial and Rental:
    1. A reservation is considered PENDING and the time slot is held in your name with an email confirmation from Maley Swim School, Inc.
    2. A reservation is considered APPROVED and the time slot guaranteed once a signed copy of the Facility Party Rental Agreement is delivered to Maley Swim School, Inc.

3. Payment for the property rental and any party add-ons is due in full at the time of booking.

  1. Charges created on the day of the party or during the party will be paid as they occur.
  2. Performance based tips for staff are encouraged.
  3. Provision Responsibilities:
    • Maley Swim School, Inc. will provide: 
      • 20 invitations (50 cents for each additional invitation)
      • Two staff members (one lifeguard and one party host)
      • Four 6-foot tables
      • Chairs for twenty children
    • Maley Swim School, Inc. will not provide: 
      • Cake, food, drinks, tableware, ice, cooler, etc.
      • Themed tablecloth and accessories
      • Any other items not listed in section 9.1 above. 

  1. Legal: 
    1. User agrees to indemnify and holds harmless Maley Swim School, Inc., its agents and employees from and against any claims for damages to persons or property arising out of any       uses of the facility and its premises by User.
    2. Maley Swim School, Inc. assumes no responsibility for any property placed in or about the facility.
    3. User agrees to assume all responsibility for any damages done to the premises as a result of their usage.
    4. User shall assume the cost for repair and/or replacement based on Maley Swim School, Inc.’s assessment of damages.
    5. No oral agreements for uses of Maley Swim School, Inc. shall be valid.

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